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Puitkatused OÜ will be happy to suggest some fresh ideas to you and lend a hand with the most common wooden roof materials available in Estonia. In Estonia, chip roofs represent the most widely spread wooden roof cover, boasting long historical traditions. Shingle and shake roofs were less common; however, they are now becoming increasingly popular. Old traditional board roofs that once were only used as roofing for outbuildings of minor importance are also being used in today’s modern architectural solutions. Apart the roof work, we’re good at replacing (rotten) logs and building smaller log houses, fitted with floors and ceilings at the customer’s request.

Shake roofs

Most common in Europe and America; this type of roof is usually known under the generic name of shake. Roof shakes are sawed from soft timber and are characterised by shake ends that can be given different shapes with a saw, resulting in highly decorative roofs.

Shingle roofs

covered with small boards with defined dimensions and shape, fitted together by fitting the tongue running along one side of the board into the groove at the opposite side of the other board. This method allows shingle roofs to be laid like tongue-and-groove boarding, in turn contributing to a more uniform end result.

Chip roofs

Represent the simplest and, in historical sense, the most archaic type of roof. The chips are usually made of aspen and roofs are built in triplicate.

Board roofs

Built to match the historical example and fitted in vertical position, as clapboarding. This type of roofing was most common in outbuildings of minor importance but can be recommended for any form of pitched roof – provided that the appropriate structure has been chosen.

Log house building

Could probably be described as a hobby of the craftsmen of Puitkatused OÜ; this is our side job in winter when the demand for roofing is not so high, mostly in Saaremaa. There you can find quite a number of log cabins and accommodation buildings for tourists that have been built by our craftsmen.

Restoration works

Usually involve a couple of buildings every year, the biggest challenges being the roof replacement of Välgita Manor House, new roof for Sindi Museum, restoration of the barn (involving roofing) of Tuuliku farm, roof works of Annenhof Summer Manor. We hold National Heritage Board certificates for the performance of all the works

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